Drive growth for your company by cutting the costs of running your International Wholesale Carrier business.

While you focus on the real complexities of your core business, our Managed Voice and Messaging Services allow you to focus the resources on increasing revenues and maximizing your operations. PERAXIA’s emphasis on technology has led to the development of a number of tools that allow for the optimization of the operator’s cost management capabilities, maximizing cost efficiencies while maintaining top-notch quality and providing real-time data analytics.

Our all-in-one platform

Integrates different modules including switching, routing (OBR: origin based rating included), fraud prevention and billing with absolute end-to-end automation of the business processes. This includes swap/bilateral priority deals, volumes and dispute handling.

Limitless routing changes per minute.

Routing optimization

Based on complex algorithms. Our system makes decisions based on the analysis of historical data, the result is the best mix of cost and quality, based on several pre-set parameters.

Real time solutions

That process and analyze network data, overviewing the quality performance, customer experience, billing assurance, and real-time profitability.

Continuous feature

Upgrades based on customer requests or market insights.

5 reasons why you should consider a managed services provider:

 Cost optimization. It is becoming more and more difficult to drive growth for operators in the Carrier Voice & Messaging industry, a managed services agreement allows you to allocate capital efficiently, focus on your core business and increase your margins in the Carrier Voice & Messaging market.

 Rapid response, with routing optimization changes by the minute.

 Avoid threats with round-the-clock fraud monitoring for prevention and blocking.

 Technological advances and AI-powered analytics to keep up with customer’s evolving needs.

 Access a specialized workforce dedicated to your voice and messaging services business: this is what we do, and we are best in class..